ROM Studio

Artec de México
Web portfolio of the Artec art restoration and preservation workshop in Mexico. Share his work, a restoration guide, recommendations and a blog. Manageable and responsive website.
The project
The project is developed using OctoberCMS technology that uses the Larvael Framework technology at its core. The CMS has several sections where you can load different information to display on the page such as projects, an informative guide and a blog.
"The project offers the client a manageable book where they can share their work done in a comfortable and comprehensive way."
Diego Maruri Developer
The projects section has the functionality to show the result of the pieces of art that have been restored by the Artec team and a comparison of the work before and after the restoration can be done, showing the work done.
  • OctoberCMS
  • Laravel Framework
  • Bootstrap
  • LESS
  • Twig
  • MySQL
  • Rainlab Blog
Web application adaptable to all devices
Content management tool OctoberCMS
Increased search engine positioning
The website offers the Artec team a blog to share with its visiting users any type of information regarding the subject. The Rainlab Blog tool provides the writer with the necessary functions to categorize and compose posts.
"The Artec website offers the customer and the visitor an optimal user experience with which they can keep their information always up to date."
Diego Maruri Developer