Gobierno de la Ciudad de México

CMS Central
Central Content Management System for the Government of Mexico City that unified the institutional image of the citizen portals of the CDMX offices.
The project
During our career as employees of the Government of Mexico City, the CMS project of Mexico City was developed that sought to unify all the websites of the CDMX dependencies through a central control that automatically updates colors, styles css, html, resources and modules to all instances of the project for each website.
"The Central Control of the CDMX CMS provides administrators with a simple tool to quickly and comprehensively control all the websites of the CDMX offices."
Oscar Arzola Lead Developer
For each office of the CDMX an instance of the CMS CDMX project was created, and this instance is connected to the Central Control. This instance has its own CMS with which the administrator user configures the order and content of its website and various information sections are available.
  • OctoberCMS
  • PHP
  • LESS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Twig
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
UX Interface
The GCDMX made an intuitive template design
We perform unit and functional tests
Clean Code
Follow established code standards
Each agency has a content management system where you can customize their information in general. The CDMX Government carried out an investigation into the type of information each agency publishes on its portal and the information that by law must be included, and thus we were able to create a template that meets all general requirements. But in addition, assistance was offered for each unit to carry out modules for their specific needs and thus be usable by all other offices.
"The CMS CDMX project provided offices with a comprehensive tool for an informative website and an expert development team to create new modules specific to each agency."
Diego Maruri Frontend Developer