Ingenia Nutrición

Desafío de Peso
A mobile application designed for people looking for a healthy lifestyle. Corporate wellness program with many activities that lead to the change in eating and health habits of employees.
The project
With this application patients can have attention from nutritionists, self-evaluation of health habits and suggestions to modify the habits that must be changed; assessment of body composition, weight, BMI, waist CM,% body fat and biweekly meal plans where the user chooses the dishes and the nutritionist assigns the correct amounts for each user.
"At i:code they always have a solution, there is always a yes as an answer they always run the extra mile with revolutionary ideas, you feel supported the whole journey building your ideas."
Mercedes Rodríguez Toussaint Ingenia Nutrición - Directora General
As a member of this program, the user can participate in a series of challenges to improve their habits and share evidence with their nutritionist to complete the challenges, obtain points and rise in the competition.
  • React Native
  • Laravel Framework
  • API
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • One Signal
UX Desgin
Friendly interface focused on user experience
API Security
Built with a robust API that allows us decoupling the presentation layer
Clean Code
SOLID patterns and layered architecture
The program offers member patients a general follow-up through the application's functionalities and also a personalized one through the Virtual Office, where the user can send messages with their questions regarding the application, food, habits and other situations with those faced by patients for the duration of the program. Nutritionists can view all of these questions and answer them through the manager.
"The i:code team is innovative and well prepared; they always propose and that is incredible for things to work. They have been allies for Ingenia Nutrición not only providers, but they are also essential elements in the success of our services."
Mercedes Rodríguez Toussaint Ingenia Nutrición - Directora General