ROM Studio

Menú Local
It is an initiative for the sale of products from bars and restaurants in a simple way through an administrable web platform.
The project
Working with the ROM design, the webapp was developed. The main section of each affiliated business is for the products display and sale. In parallel, an administrator module was developed for the employees of each establishment, where they can upload, edit and delete products and categories from the online menu.
"It is a digital menu that seeks to offer the buyer an easy-to-use tool and the seller a simple and intuitive administration module."
Diego Maruri Developer
The management module was developed with Laravel tools and Vue.js components. It seeks to be an efficient and adaptable tool for all types of specific products in each establishment.
  • Laravel Framework
  • PHP
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Vue
  • MySQL
UX Design
Friendly interface focused on user experience
Web application adaptable to all devices
Clean Code
Follow established code standards
The development of "MENÚ LOCAL" was carried out as an alternative to food distribution platforms that charge high commissions for each product sold and for the delivery of these. This service allows establishments to pay only their membership and thus each business is responsible for the dissemination of their online menu and the delivery of their orders.
"The COVID-19 crisis has had a serious effect on the restaurant industry, that is why we decided to create "MENÚ LOCAL" as a support for businesses and their staff, which is like our second family."
Rodrigo Maceda ROM Studio - Founder