Gobierno de la Ciudad de México

Portal de Transparencia
Centralized portal for uploading transparency documents available to all dependencies of the Government of Mexico City
The project
During our career as employees of the Government of Mexico City, the project to centralize the transparency websites of CDMX government agencies was created. A tool was developed using OctoberCMS technology, to offer representatives responsible for transparency a friendly administrator system already distributed and with the corresponding sections created only to upload information.
"The website interface is completely responsive and adaptable to all devices. It provides citizens with a modern and easy to navigate tool."
Diego Maruri Frontend Developer
Before the development of this project, each agency was responsible for having a public website for the exhibition of official documents. Each agency created its own website. The transparency portal benefited the visitors of the transparency portals by finding a single unified and uniform website that centralized the information.
  • OctoberCMS
  • LESS
  • Bootstrap
  • Twig
  • PostgreSQL
Web application adaptable to all devices
Content management system OctoberCMS
Clean Code
Follow established code standards
The website unifies the content of all the transparency websites of the dependencies of the Government of the City of Mexico, in this way you can navigate on the same site by the information of each of the offices and search for the content. Administrator users can upload documents in different formats for download.
"This project is a complete tool that offers the user a wide range of functionalities for loading documents and a simple and intuitive interface."
Oscar Arzola Lead Developer