Colegio Bécquer

Website Manager
Web application powered by OctoberCMS for the complete administration of content, style, and structure for the Colegio Bécquer website.
The project
Colegio Bécquer is one of the 100 best primary educational institutions in the Valley of Mexico Metropolitan Area. It maintains a variable institutional image, so to solve this need, a website was developed with a fully administrable template, which can change all aspects of its image from an administrator system.
"This tool gives administrator users the possibility of having a completely new site, only by changing the parameters in the management tool."
Diego Maruri Developer
This administrator system allows the user to change all the images of the website, Logos, covers, galleries, section images. In this way all the sections and all the content of the website become administrable for the responsible users in the school.
  • OctoberCMS
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Twig
  • LESS
  • Bootstrap
Content management system OctoberCMS
Clean Code
Follow established code standards
Increased search engine positioning
Colegio Becquer has service levels from preschool to high school, therefore, the system contains other sections for the dissemination of academic information for all levels. (Circulars, events, students, homework and information from each campus).
"We gave the user a complete tool to disseminate all kinds of relevant information to the school, using OctoberCMS technology."
Diego Maruri Cruz Developer